Totcercise is a family owned soft play mobile gym rental service in the Metro-Detroit area. We specialize in a toddler based, fun, enjoyable play and exercise, “TOTCERCISE” experience for children 5 and under!

Our soft play gym, white bounce houses, and ball pits can be setup indoors or outdoors, for your little ones to explore, climb and play. Totcercise is ideal for: birthday parties, family celebrations, festivals, corporate functions  community events, reunions, weddings, play dates and more!  Our equipment is delivered, setup and cleaned/ disinfected  prior to each rental! 

We offer various packages to accommodate your Totcercise needs!  Message us for more information!


​Created and designed with toddlers in mind, Totcercise is a mobile soft play gym for little ones just starting to crawl up to 5 years of age - located in the Metro Detroit area. Tots can have fun in a tot friendly, worry free  and safe environment!  Safety is our number one priority! 


Why Totcercise?

Totcercise is laid out to allow your tot to develop their cognitive function and motor skills. Including climbing, jumping and crawling; all in a safe and fun environment. Interacting and playing with other toddlers allows for learning opportunities in a cognitive and fun learning space. The right social environments can foster children to develop confidence, social skills, and more. 

Our mobile soft play gym fits into many different sized spaces, including hard to fit, to over the top large spaces. Due to its soft, supple texture, Tots love the feel and smooth surface, it's perfect for little hands and feet. 


Totcercise is ideal for a wide range of events such as: birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, weddings, family celebrations, play dates, and more. 


The Product

Totcercise is a soft play gym which is adjustable in layout and a perfect alternative to metal, concrete or other hard surfaces that toddlers can get injured playing on.  Our equipment is made out of soft foam mats for the flooring, and soft play walls/toys, that create an injury free experience.  Our gym can hold up to 10 toddlers at a time and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The gym allows parents to relax while their toddler is in a safe, secure and clean environment! Imagine a clean, happy and tired toddler after "Totcercising!" 


The gym is suitable for little ones just starting to crawl up to 5 years of age. We keep it simple. No shoes, food, drink, or outside objects allowed in the gym. Safety is our first priority! All equipment is cleaned and disinfected for a germ free environment, before and after every use. 


Indoor versus Outdoor Space Guidelines 
Indoor Rentals
The Space must be large enough for the equipment to be set up safely. In addition, the floor on which the equipment is placed must be smooth and clean from any debris or rough surfaces.

Outdoor Rentals

A nearby power source is needed for inflation purposes.

​Our soft play house can be set up outside, but the area must be flat and clean from any debris or rough surfaces. 

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